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7 Reasons People Prefer to Live in the Suburbs

The Benefits of Suburban Development

“Nature scenes tended to decrease feelings of anger and aggression, and urban scenes tended to increase them.”

  1. Community

People in suburban areas tend to know their neighbours and interact with each other.  One easily knows who lives in the area and when strangers are present.  This is generally not the case in dense urban areas.

2. Children

Children and their parents prefer the space, freedom and security available in suburban communities. It is in these places that they can find the trees, yards and low-traffic streets that facilitate outdoor play.

3. Privacy

The open space and generally lower density form of residential development found in the suburbs provide residents with a highly valued feeling of privacy


“Exposure to natural environment, or ‘green space’ has an independent influence on health and health-related behaviours.”

4. Safety

Violent crime statistics for cities and suburbs support the greater sense of security often reported in suburban areasGreen Space.

5. Green Space

Suburban residents enjoy more easily accessible green space. Most suburban homes are surrounded by some form of green space giving people living in these houses the opportunity to see and interact with nature.

6. Health

Compared to more densely populated urban communities, there are lower levels of air and noise pollution in suburban areas. In addition, some studies show that the higher densities in urban areas have been linked to mental illness.

7. Convenience of Movement

In the suburbs, travelling from one location to another is made easier by low population densities and transportation corridors designed for highway speed movement. The result is relatively short commuting times within and between surrounding suburban areas.

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