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Consulting: The Path to a Successful Consulting Career


Consulting is a relatively new profession that has become a rapidly growing area of services delivery in North America.  Providing consulting services began in the late 1800s and has been evolving very quickly from the mid 1900s to today.  There are literally hundreds of consulting specialties.

Some people try consulting and succeed and others do not—even though they have all the necessary knowledge.  There are usually 2 reasons for this.  One is to recognize that consulting is a business so a set of business skills is needed.  Secondly, there is an array of special skills and abilities that consultants must have or develop.

Consulting is as much a people business as it is to provide technical specialized services—you must be seen as both trustworthy and competent.

This course—in 4 parts—will provide all the elements that will help you decide on whether or not a consulting career is for you.


Part 1 – Why Consulting?

Part 2 – Consultant Competencies

Part 3 – Core Consulting Skills

Part 4 – Characteristics of Successful Consultants

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