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Professional Skills Development Institute

PSDI is pleased to offer a staff of senior experienced researchers and consultants. Each of our consultants has 30 or more years experience in providing strategic advice, consulting and training. The senior staff are supported by a number of highly skilled researchers.

Dr. Peter Homenuck
Dr. Peter HomenuckConsultant
Peter is a Professional Planner (RPP) and social-economic impact assessment and change management consultant. He is also Professor Emeritus in Environmental Studies at York University and an accredited Professional
Corporate Director (Pro. Dir.).

Peter is on the Board of Directors of DPRA International, EKS Inc. as well as the Silverhill Institute of Environmental Research and Conservation. Peter also recently completed a four-year term on the Board of Governors of the First Nations University of Canada.

Harold Lenfesty
Harold LenfestyConsultant
Harold is the Principal of One80 Strategy Advisors Inc. He was chair of i3 Advisors Inc from 2005-2010.

Harold has had an extensive career in corporate management including as CEO of Anchor Lamina Inc.; President of Deeley Harley-Davidson, Canada and Vice-President of Harley-Davidson Corporation, and group managing director of Harley-Davidson Europe. Harold is also a member of the Board of Directors of the MS Society of Ontario.

Marcia Barron
Marcia BarronConsultant
Marcia Barron, Ph.D., an applied anthropologist and former Registered Nurse with twenty years’ research and consulting experience, has worked both as an independent consultant (1996–2006) and as a Senior Associate with DPRA Canada (2006–2010), and is now Principal of Riverstone Research Consulting. Most of Marcia’s experience has been in Aboriginal settings across Canada, including the North, but her experience also includes leading a two–year Breaking the Cycle of Violence project in Rexdale, Toronto, and recent health research in Tanzanian village settings.
Joe Pittari
Joe PittariConsultant
Mr. Pittari has an extensive and varied consulting career which focused on: organizational redesign, program evaluation, business innovation, process re- engineering, and performance evaluation. Mr. Pittari also was a Commissioner with the City of Vaughan, with overall responsibility for the corporation’s strategic planning, environmental sustainability, human resources, accessibility, information technology, building and facilities, fleet services, and change management.
Ewa Modlinska
Ewa ModlinskaResearcher
Ewa is a PSDI researcher who is also currently working on her PhD in Geography and Program in Planning at the University of Toronto. She holds a BSc from the University of Toronto and an MES degree from York University. Her research focus is community engagement and sustainability in planning as well as communication theory. Her research approach is to examine issues from a variety of perspectives to ensure fair and balanced analysis. Recently, Ewa presented research findings on plastic and reusable bags to the City of Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.
Tim McGregor
Tim McGregorConsultant
Tim W. McGregor (Naokwegijig) a member of the Anishinawbek Nation has over three decades of service in First Nation governance at First Nation, Tribal Council, Federal and Provincial levels, and private sector in both the United States and Canada. His life is now focussed on the language, traditions, culture and the practices of the Anishinawbek. One of his key cultural activities is Rolling Thunder Dance Traditions. Dance teachings, dance performances, regalia making, and custom regalia making are the pillars of Rolling Thunder Dance Traditions.
Susan McPetrie
Susan McPetrieResearcher
Susan McPetrie is a researcher with an Honours BA from the University of Toronto. She is also a graduate of the York University MES Planning Program. She has worked as a researcher for DPRA Canada and the Silverhill Institute of Environmental Research and Conservation. Her most recent work includes contributing to a document on the benefits of suburban development. Within her community, she sits on the United Way Funding Allocation Committee and chairs a local non-profit preschool organization.
Adrienne Scruton
Adrienne ScrutonResearcher
Adrienne has her BA in Sociology from San Francisco State University, and her MES degree from York University. Her research and background focuses on innovative and efficient sustainable business practices. Adrienne previously worked with the Silverhill Institute of Environmental Research and Conservation (a registered charitable organization) where she helped educate youth on several environmentally sustainable projects. Adrienne is currently a researcher at PSDI where she works on environmental issues and business development and marketing.
Family, by Pakki Chipps

Family, by Pakki Chipps

Memorial to Dr. Allis Sawyer

Dr. Allis Sawyer (a.k.a. Pakki Chipps)

Dr. Sawyer (Pakki Chipps) played an important role in helping to develop PSDI from its early years and contributed significantly to research, web design and training courses development.

Dr. Sawyer was an ethnobotanist with a Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) and Ethnobotany from the University of Victoria.

Dr. Sawyer was active in First Nations language and culture presentations and had a special interest in medicinal plants. She taught Ethnobotany, Environmental Studies and Traditional Ecology courses at both Royal Roads University and the University of Victoria. A member of the Beecher Bay First Nation, Dr. Sawyer was also an accomplished artist. Her artwork can be seen at ChamastArt on Behance.