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Preparing and Presenting Evidence

Many planning, environmental and resource management projects are vetted through quasi-judicial decision processes. These processes are different from anything most public and private sector managers and staff have experienced. Being a witness in such proceedings makes special demands and requires clarity of thought and presentation. This course is designed to get you focused on being a witness. 

Our course covers the following topics:

  • What does it mean to be a Witness?
  • What is Evidence?
  • Writing Effective Briefs/Witness Statements.
  • Admissibility of Evidence.
  • Determining Significance.
  • Prepping Your Evidence.
  • Preparing Your Mind.
  • Characteristics/Behaviour of a Good Witness

Mock Hearing Practice

In addition out training includes 1 or 2 days of mock hearing where participants can practice, test out training tips and hone witness skills.

Selected related projects

Our senior consultants have provided this course material to various clients including:

BC Ministry of Forests

NWT Land and Water Board

Public Works Canada

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Various Consulting Firms


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