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Development & Implementation

Municipalities, government agencies, private firms and non-profit organizations all aspire to become more efficient, effective and stable.  The central element is to develop and implement a sound, coherent strategic plan.  Although decision-makers and managers know they need a strategic plan with goals, objectives and action steps, they often need external consultants to guide the development of the plan.

PSDI’s consultants and researchers have extensive experience in helping organizations develop clear, focussed and achievable strategic plans.

Development of effective plans requires:

  • A sound understanding of the organization today
  • Clearly articulated goals and objectives
  • A good sense of the relevant future trends and issues
  • A realistic evaluation of human resource capacities
  • An evaluation of the leadership and management abilities
  • Setting out achievable tasks in a workable timeframe

At PSDI we pride ourselves on producing strategic plans that work.

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